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  +358 10 281 8008


Company: Mediamaisteri Oy
Business ID: 2660036-2
E-invoice address: 003726600362
Operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

Our offices

Tampere (HQ)

Visiting address
Erkkilänkatu 11 A (2. krs)
33100 Tampere

Postal address
PL 82, 33101 Tampere

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Visiting address
Yliopistonkatu 31, 3. krs (Regus)
20100 Turku

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Visiting address
Kasarmikatu 15 B
13100 Hämeenlinna

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Mikko Toriseva

Chief Executive Officer

+358 10 281 8010

Mikko enjoys working with customers and envisions ideas for the future.


Ville Koiviola

Chief Sales Officer

+358 10 281 8011

Ville is an active and resourceful team player, who finds solutions to customer needs.


Anne Kuokkanen

Sales Manager

+358 10 281 8013

Anne develops customers’ e-learning practices with her solid online education expertise.


Isto Laapio

Sales Manager

+358 50 476 9049

Isto listens and offers customer-centric insights into digital training solutions.


Jesse Koskela

Sales Manager

+358 50 471 2140

Jesse is a team player equipped with educational know-how and will help you find the right solutions for implementing online trainings.


Maarit Röynä

Sales Manager

+358 10 281 8016

Maarit has diverse skills in learning and helps customers find the right online training solutions.


Tiina Front

Senior Advisor, E-Learning Solutions

+358 10 281 8040

Tiina has several years of experience in different online training solutions. She leads her team firmly towards new challenges while always listening to customer needs.


Tiina Manner

E-learning Specialist, Project Manager

+358 10 281 8053

Tiina skillfully manages several things at once and uses her background in pedagogics to complete online training projects. She is based in Helsinki.


Tiina Rahja

Project Manager, Learning Designer

+358 10 281 8029

Tiina helps customers define their learning needs, understand target group students and build impressive online trainings.


Risto Pernu

Media Designer

+358 10 281 8027

Risto does recordings, video photography, media design and content creation for online trainings with over 10 years of experience.


Alexandra Zvereva

Graphic Designer

Alexandra dresses customers’ services and materials with impressive and functioning looks with the help of her strong graphic design skills.

Tuuli Toivanen

Graphic Designer

+358 10 281 8030

Minna Hokkanen

Graphic Designer

+358 10 281 8028

Tony Sundell

Project Manager
+358 10 281 8038

Tony executes high-quality training solutions and innovates online education with his extensive production expertise.


Ari Pajula

Chief Operating Officer

+358 10 281 8015

Ari is in charge of Mediamaisteri’s project delivery and customer experience.


Mira Perämäki


+358 10 281 8023

Mira is a skilled online education specialist, who enables customers to achieve impressive learning results in a digital training environment.


Viivi Hilden

Project Manager

+358 10 281 8018

Viivi is an experienced project manager who also acts as the product manager for the LMS learning environment.


Mikko Haiku

Project Manager, Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8026

Mikko is a positive, agile coder and an efficient problem solver, who enjoys good coffee, challenges and data security.


Jere Vuorio

Project Manager

+358 40 902 2551

Jere ensures smooth operations and development work at Mediamaisteri’s support services.


Lauri Nieminen

Project Manager, Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8022

Lauri is a customer-driven software specialist, who researches the user experience and utilises it for design and implementation.

Petri Riikonen

Project Manager, Graphic Designer

+358 10 281 8004

Local pixel wizard in charge of e.g. visual looks and other eye candy involved in visual design.


Jan Johansson

Software Specialist, Graphic Designer

+358 10 281 8024

Jan works in user interface design and works with all tasks surrounding themes and visual looks.

Henri Urpalainen

ICT Specialist

+358 10 281 8006

Henri is in charge of support services, servers and carrying out user management integrations.

Klaus Kuusela

Software Specialist

+35810 281 8019

Klaus is here to help customers with all questions around the use of online training environments.


Arto Nieminen

Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8003

Arto is Finland’s most experienced Moodle technology specialist. Got a question on Moodle’s features or integrations? Arto can find the answer, just ask!


Kimmo Kiiskinen

Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8009

Kimmo is involved in customers’ development projects and responsible for the maintenance and version updates of training environments.


Janne Hakala

Drupal Developer

Janne is a skilled Drupal developer, JavaScript enthusiast and fan of other open sources.


Jari Vilkman

Software Specialist

+35810 281 8005

Jari helps our customers with any questions regarding the use of systems.


Johanna Litmanen

Project Manager
+358 10 281 8037

Johanna implements customer projects and helps with any Moodle-related questions.


Toni Kettunen

Project Manager, Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8017

Toni works as a Project Manager, helping customers with Moodle-related issues.


Harri Holappa

Software Specialist
+358 10 281 8031

Harri ensures that online training environments run smoothly around the clock.

Teemu Parto

Chief Finance & Administration Officer

+358 10 281 8090

Teemu looks after financial administration and many other daily details at Mediamaisteri.

Sini Kilpinen

Finance Officer

+358 10 281 8091

Sini looks after invoicing and daily life at the Tampere office.

Rosa Siuruainen

Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8032

Rosa is an enthusiastic and customer-driven software developer, who enjoys a challenge.


Eemil Laine

Software Specialist

Eemil is a versatile programmer and a skilled problem solver who is always ready to take on new challenges and develop innovative solutions.