Our services

A complete service for a digital learning


A complete package for digital learning

Control the competence development within your organisation from the beginning to the end. Apart from the learning environment that best suits your needs, we offer effective multimedia content, course management and the maintenance services you need.


Content production for online courses

Diverse course content is created through close cooperation. We take eLearning to a new level through the exciting pedagogical, technical and visual DESIGN for eLearning concept.


Digital learning environments

The online learning environment Maisteri LMS, which is based on open source code, is a flexible and continuously developing digital learning environment. Our solutions are based on Moodle technology and we are Finland’s leading expert in Moodle technology.


Educational services

We offer our customers comprehensive training in different aspects of digital learning. We always plan the training according to the customer’s starting point and needs.

Course management

We have introduced the flexible Maisteri HRD software, which helps you manage the skills and competence of your entire organisation.

Learning environments as a service (Saas)

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for common open source software and implementations of these. 


The possibility of studying anytime and anywhere.


The same message can be sent to all students at the same time.

Economic efficiency

Savings in travel expenses and daily allowances


Efficient information management


Studying with the help of a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone – anything goes.


The possibility of monitoring learning.


Continuous development using analytics

Competence developement

Strategic competence development brings significant benefits to an organisation.

We are your partner in area of eLearning.