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Mikko Toriseva


+358 10 281 8010

Mikko loves working with customers and creating solutions for them.


Ville Koiviola

Sales Director

+358 10 281 8011

Ville is an active and innovative team player, who finds solutions to the customers’ needs.



Anne Kuokkanen

Account Manager 

+358 10 281 8013

Anne is responsible for solutions for businesses and e-learning projects. She works at the office in Helsinki



Isto Laapio

Sales Manager

+358 10 281 8014

Isto enjoys working with customers and helps them succeed in the world of eLearning. He works at the office in Tampere.


Sales & Projects

Tiina Front

Director, e-learning solutions

+358 10 281 8040

Tiina has many years of experience of different kinds of e-learning solutions.  She guides the team towards new challenges, taking into account the customers’ wishes.


Tiina Manner

Manager / eLearning solutions

+358 10 281 8053

Tiina takes charge and uses her strong pedagogical skills to ensure that our e-learning projects are successfully completed.



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Finance and support

Teemu Parto

Finance manager

+358 10 281 8090

Teemu takes care of Mediamaisteri’s finances as well as many other everyday tasks. 

Sini Kilpinen

Junior finance manager

+358 10 281 8091

Sini takes care of the details of invoicing and runs the Tampere office. 


Mediamaisteri support


+358 10 281 8008

If you have a support agreement with us, you can contact the support directly. The e-mail address of the support is support@mediamaisteri.com


Ari Pajula

Chief operating officer

+358 10 281 8015

Ari is responsible for our customer service and project delivery. 


Viivi Hilden

Team Manager

+358 10 281 8018

Viivi makes sure that we have all the resources needed to successfully complete our ongoing projects and also handles her own customer projects.


Arto Nieminen

Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8003

The most experienced Moodle expert in Finland. No question about the features and integrations of Moodle is too difficult for Arto to answer.


Toni Kettunen

Software Specialist, project manager

+358 10 281 8017

A jack of all trades who offers training in different systems, provides support and loves new technologies.


Klaus Kuusela

Software specialist

+358 10 281 8019

Helps our customers with all their Moodle-related questions.


Petri Riikonen

Graphic artist

+358 10 281 8004

Our own pixel maker, who is in charge of layouts and other visual details.


Henri Urpalainen

IT specialist

+358 10 281 8006

Henri is responsible for our support services, servers and user management integration

Jari Vilkman

Software specialist

+358 10 281 8005

Helps our customers with all their Moodle-related questions.


Kimmo Kiiskinen

Software specialist

+358 10 281 8009

LMS maintenance and support. I take care of version updates and participate in development projects.


Mikko Rantanen

Drupal developer

 +358 10 281 8016

Drupal developer, planner of Mediamaisteri’s HRD project and avid supporter of free software.


Janne Hakala

Drupal developer

+358 10 281 8000

Drupal developer, JavaScript enthusiast and fan of other open source code technologies..

GitHub Drupal.org


Janne Särkelä

Senior technical developer

+358 10 281 8052

LMS, SCORM, xAPI expert, producer of content for online courses, media production


Risto Pernu

Media designer

+358 10 281 8000

Risto records and edits sound and videos, works as a media planner and produces content for online courses with over ten years of experience.


Alexandra Zvereva

Graphic artist

+358 10 281 8000

Alexandra uses her skills as a graphic artist to create stunning and functional layouts for our customers’ services and materials. 

Sami Hellsten

Software Specialist

+358 10 281 8000

Sami is a geeky and competitive-minded Drupal developer and continuous development enthusiast.


Mikko Haikonen

Software Specialist, Project Manager

+358 10 281 8026

Mikko is a positive and agile coder & efficient problem solver who loves great coffee, challenges and information security.