The art of open and collaborative partnership

Kirjoittanut Mikko Toriseva 23.9.2016 12:38:46
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Generally speaking the concept of working hard individually fits into the Finnish tradition and frame of mind quite well – even though we all realise that the benefits of collaborative teamwork and supporting each other as part of the learning process are undeniable.

Since Mediamaisteri was founded in year 2000, we have truly mastered the production and development of virtual learning environment. Long-term development for Moodle-based MaisteriLMS has benefited hundreds of Finnish organisations, and we are determined to keep our customers happy - and our development work fresh, coherent and collective.

As one part of the company strategy for building strong alliances, we are proud to tell Digital Lessons Oy and Open Trainers will merge into Mediamaisteri later this year. We’ve had a successful working relationship for several years and we are about to finalise our merging process. Our new team members will provide us with more specialist knowledge about content creation and consultation, and we are all set to offer more complete and seamless e-learning solutions for customers of all sizes.

In addition, we have sponsored and contributed to H5P Moodle integration and worked closely with Ubicast ltd. Combining technical skills and establishing mutual partnerships from interactive and audiovisual media professionals helps us to meet our goals in that field.  

Stronger, together

So what does the open collaboration really mean for us? We believe that exchanging ideas with other experts and users is a mutual and influential learning process. Working together allows us to learn from issues arisen and developmental work becomes far more relevant and specific.   

For example, we have been working closely with Pirkanmaa Hospital District. They provide special health care and disabled care services and create the conditions for healthcare research and training. Our collaborative partnership has generated an effective approach to improving e-learning solutions and methods, and we have both valued and benefited from the results.

In our experience, well-planned workshops with our partners work very well when they are used to seek, explore and identify solutions to some problems or issues. And once again, communication is the key along with an enthusiastic, open-minded and supportive attitude.

Meeting @ MindTrek Conference

Mediamaisteri will be attending the Mindtrek Conference 17-19th of October. I am looking forward to 20th conference venue in Tampere and I hope to see many of you there.

I wish you all a mind-opening conference and welcome you to our booth to meet our team for further discussions.

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Uimalankatu 1, Tampere, FINLAND

Mediamaisteri is a strong strategic E-learning partner for private and public organizations offering versatile technical solutions and content creation for future learning management and development.


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